Growing a healthy and beautiful glowing hair can be a very arduous task. One of the most distressing challenges of growing a healthy hair is losing hair. The reasons for advanced hair loss include age, lack of essential nutrients in the body, stress, hormonal imbalance and excessive use of certain harmful hair styling, coloring and treatment chemicals. The other reasons include unhealthy dietary habits, the existence of alopecia, dandruff and other scalp disorders. Below are essential tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care) to follow, if you want to prevent loss of hair.



Use hot oil treatments
Apply any of the essential natural oils on your scalp through a gentle massage.


• Use hot oil treatments – you can apply any of the essential natural oils such as canola, coconut and olive on your scalp through a gentle massage. After the massage, allow the hair to sit for about an hour before applying shampoo.

• Practice good hair care – the way you style, wash and dry your hair can cause serious hair loss. However, if you follow the right hair grooming techniques as prescribed by the dermatologist, you can arrest the situation in good time.

• Apply antioxidants – green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can help you boost hair growth and prevent further hair loss. To prepare this potent healing ingredient, you need to simply brew the green tea and apply it on your scalp. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour and rinse.


Avoid things that can harm your hair
Avoid hair dryer on your hair!


• Avoid things that can harm your hair – some of the unhealthy hair practices you must avoid include; pulling your hair so tight when styling and blow drying. Blow drying is known to interfere with the growth of hair follicles, as well cause scalp dryness.

• Add more protein to your diet – you can add foods that are rich in proteins such as soy, fish and meat to your diet in minimize hair loss. Most foods that are rich in protein contain vitamin B-12, which helps in growing and nurturing healthy hair.


Natural Tips to prevent Hair Loss


• Hair loss may be temporary – in certain cases, you may experience temporary hair loss as a result of factors such as childbirth, stress or illness. This temporary hair loss or telogenic effluvium takes place because the body usually reacts to stressful situations by causing more the hair to go into resting mode.

• Make an appointment with a dermatologist – since there are several factors that can cause hair loss, it is always important to make an appointment with a dermatologist. A dermatologist will examine your hair and help you address the problem.

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