EVA foam is a durable and resistant polymer. It has wide application use and is primarily used for padding in sports equipment. It is also used in footwear and being much cheaper than rubber it is much more viable. Its additive properties also make it ideal to enhance the clinginess of plastic wrap. Its also used as a cold flow improver in diesel and binding gel like substances.

EVA foam is available in sheets according to specifications. There are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers all over the world who export and deal in such products. To name one the CLPG Company is one of the leading names in the business. To know more about them, their official website is www.clpg.com.my.

They also offer other products like PU foam. PU foam is used in its flexible and rigid form by 70% of the world. It is a light and flexible material. It’s used in the back support furniture, inside refrigerators and other thermal insulation panels. It also has increasing applications in the garments and construction industry.

The manufacturers of PU foam are Recticel in Belgium who are one of the largest foam manufacturers in Europe. Other companies like CLPG and Springfeel also enjoy a healthy market share. To find local manufacturers international directories and the local PFA associations can be of use. Also the yellow pages are an immense resource.

Corflute is the trade name for corrugated plastic and is another product offered. Having various trade names this material is very light and soft and can be cut with a craft knife. It is commonly used for erecting commercial signs and making plastic containers. Application also extends in reusable packaging for the automotive, agricultural and printing industry. Other small time purposes include usage in making remote controlled airplanes and building homemade animal cages.

Corflute can be cut with craft knife

There are various suppliers and manufacturers of corrugated plastic. It is made by BFS plastics and Corex and various others. The manufacturers of this product also supply to local estate agents. The general public can then use it for putting up signs and boards.

CLPG also produces polypropylene sheets. It has multi-applications in industries like automotives, textile, stationery, furniture, etc. It is also used in making polymer bank notes.

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