Working in a foreign country is possibly one of the most fulfilling and beneficial endeavors one could undertake to enhance their career. An especially vibrant and global country that is seeking foreign manpower is Singapore. If one’s first language is English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil, then they have just become even more of an asset. With globalization, Singapore has become a hotbed of many diverse foreign companies and also national companies that are seeking foreign recruits. In addition to working in a foreign company, one will be able to gain a great deal of international experience and also improve their foreign language skills. Fortunately, there are also plenty of resources you could use to help them in their job search.


Singapore Ministry of Manpower

This is one of the most useful resources to finding a job in Singapore. Aside from providing job seekers their organization’s own internal list of career opportunities, they provide job seekers with other link to external sources. Job hunters will find links to job search websites, lists of special skills that are in demand, labor market highlights, and a link to the national government’s website where you can search for a job based on their skills. Finally, the website is very information dense. On will be able to understand exactly what is necessary to know about working in Singapore, such as rights as a worker, work permits, worker training, and so forth.Also Check Out How To Find Work In A New City


Directly Through Companies

Oftentimes, when jobs are available, many companies will provide information regarding jobs available overseas. If a job hunter is interested in going through a company located in their home country, they could check the company’s career page and search for availabilities in Singapore. Some companies that have operations in Singapore and that usually hire from their home country are: Ikea, HSBC, SMART Corporation, Opus IT Services, PSA Corporation Ltd., Dyson Operations Ltd., Wackenhut, and Halliburton.



Another option is to use a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency is ideal for those who do not have the time or the ability to actively search for a job in Singapore. By going through a recruitment agency, one leaves the job search to an external source and possibly speeds up the process. Recruitment agencies usually have databases that describe exactly what employers are looking for, thus enabling them to quickly match a resume to a company. While this part of the process is the easy step, once the company requests an interview, it is all up to the job seeker. It is best to go into the interview as prepared as possible by informing oneself about the company and being able to answer why there is an interest to work in Singapore.



To make the transition as smooth as possible, it is vital to do visa research in advance. Finding a job is the first step, but being aware of how to legally work in Singapore and how to attain a visa is just as important. If one does not acquire a visa in a timely manner after finding a job, their ability to being work may be severely impeded.


Overall, working in Singapore is an excellent option for those who would like to improve their international experience, gain more language skills, and enhance their career. Start your job search today to FIND A JOB IN SINGAPORE!