Nail polish is a fun and trendy accessory that looks great with any outfit and is both formal or casual enough for any occasion. Many women are even opting out of having fake acrylic nails installed to adorn themselves with natural, painted nails that are much more manageable and affordable.

When applying polish, it can easily look messy if not done with a steady hand and the right tools involved. By learning a few tips, nails can look well-polished and professionally manicured, all while doing it in the comfort of your home.


Use Vaseline

The most common problem for women painting their nails is painting onto their cuticles and the surrounding skin due to an unsteady hand. Even after years of practice, it can be impossible to apply nail polish perfectly. By applying a light coat of vaseline to the surrounding area of a nail, it will cause the polish to only be applied on the nail, thus creating a clean and “polished” look. Simply wipe away the vaseline after the nails have dried.


Push Back Cuticles

Cuticles should be gently pushed down every week, allowing more of the nail to show and prevent any tears. By pushing cuticles back, it will also mean that there’s more room for the polish to be painted on the fingernail, elongating the size of the nail and looking cleaner without having it painted straight on to the cuticle. To moisturize the cuticles, apply cuticle oil after performing your manicure.


Use Your Fingers

Use the tip of your fingernail to clean wipe the sides of the polish to make it look cleaner. Your nail is the best tool to keep the lines fine and straight. This should be done with a nail that has not yet been polished.


Be Modest with the Polish

When getting your colored polish out, shake the polish to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Make sure there is a modest amount of paint on the brush, while scraping away any excess onto the rim of the bottle. It is much easier to paint nails with a smaller amount of paint than it is with gobs of it. One side of the brush should be lacking any polish, while the other side has a drop of it.


Manicure Infographic




Draw Lines

Begin by putting a drop of nail polish in the lower middle area of the nail. You then want to pull the brush away from the drop to create a single line down the middle of the fingernail, then painting one line on either side. This will make it easier to stay within the lines and avoid creating the illusion of an oversized nail.


Use Cold Water

After you’ve painted the first layer of polish, dip your fingertips in ice cold water to help it dry faster. Hold them in the water for a total of three minutes to ensure the polish has become completely solid. You can now apply the second layer, and repeat.

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