The common words of wisdom are that a woman should never go to bed without washing her to remove the make up, dirt and oil that has accumulated for the day. However, it is not clear what else should be included in a nighttime skincare routine.

Research seems to indicate that new skin cells grow the fastest during the overnight hours, so proper face care before bed is very important. Completing the following steps each night before sleeping could go a long toward reducing skin blemishes, improving skin tone and color and rejuvenating and repairing skin.


1. Start with make up remover

Although soap and water may make the face look clean, it will be necessary to use a make up remover to get all the foundation, mascara and other types of cosmetics off the face. A small amount of petroleum jelly or olive oil can also work wonders on stubborn mascara and eyeliner.




2.Invest in and regularly use a good cleanser

Most people do not do a good enough job washing their faces. Although they may employ soap and water, there can be a lot of dirt, oil and other damaging debris that have built up all day that will not simply be rinsed away. Using a good cleansing oil that is specially formulated for the woman’s skin type, such as for oily or dry skin, will do the best job when is it gently massaged into the skin using lukewarm water.




3.Always use warm, but not hot, water

Cold water may feel refreshing on a tired face, but warm water is the best for getting the face extra clean. It opens the pores, allowing the cleanser to penetrate deep in and remove dirt and bacteria that may be trapped and cause clogged pores and acne.



4.Exfoliate once or twice per week

A good exfoliation product and brush can go a long way to giving the face a deep cleaning, but this should only be done a couple of times each week. Exfoliating too frequently can over-dry the skin, leading to flakes and even increased oil production to compensate.




5.Try a topical retinoid or toner

Applying a topical retinoid or toner to clean, dry skin can brighten, heal and firm the skin over time. Sensitive areas around the eyes, the mouth corners and the nose creases should be avoided as retinoids and toners can be very drying to the skin.




6.Apply a thick layer of moisturizer

With all of these cleansing products, it is not unusual for the skin to dry out and for other problems to begin. Nighttime moisturizers are often thicker than their daytime counterparts, but they are the best night cream to keep the necessary moisture in the skin as it heals overnight.




7.Apply eye cream last

Used to reduce puffiness and ward off wrinkles, eye cream should be lightly dabbed around the sensitive eyes just before bed.


With a good night’s sleep and these helpful hints, the skin can repair and become its more natural self.




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