In the past, studying in another country was a privilege that only the rich could afford. Nowadays, students who like to receive an international degree may do so without breaking the bank, by means of twinning programmes. These have been around for quite some time and are fast becoming popular. One of the countries that offer and specialize in these twinning programmes is Malaysia and students from India are among those who are persistent in pursuing these courses.





Twinning Programs and How They Work

Twinning programs give students, all across world, the opportunities to take up business studies in one country and complete it in another country. In Malaysia, for example, private universities work in partnership with the top universities in the US, UK, New Zealand and Australia to provide different twinning degrees. Students study in Malaysia during the first two years of their course. Then, they transfer to the international partnership university to complete the course. When students meet the graduation requirements, they will be able to receive a degree certification from the international partnership university.







Advantages of Joining Twinning Programmes


✓  Students can get an international degree at reasonable costs.

Students can save a lot in tuition fees and costs of living allowance if they take the first years of their course in their home country and only the last year in the partnership university, overseas. This is a lot less expensive than taking the whole course in a foreign land like for example, US or the UK.


✓  They learn about the culture of another country.

Twinning programmes are more than just an academic setting. Even as they achieve their educational goals, students will learn how to appreciate the culture of other countries. They will learn more about the people, their language, food and traditions of the country they are in. Aside from this, they will get to know more about other countries even without visiting them, when they interact with students of other parts of the world.

By studying in highly developed countries such as the UK, they will discover the latest methods of learning, as well. They will have a well-rounded education, which they can apply when they get back to their home.


Brickfields Asia College offers Widest Range of Twining Business Programs
Brickfields Asia College offers Widest Range of Twining Business Programs





Students who avail of twinning programmes have a lot to benefit from them. First of all, they will be able to develop new ideas and techniques in business. A perfect example of this is the UK business transfer programme, which enables them to learn more than what other business courses can teach. They will be able to get global recognition when they achieve an international degree, without the steep price of studying and living oversees. They will know more about the culture of the country where they are completing their studies. In addition to this, they will, also, meet and interact with students from all across the globe and learn about their countries even if they have never been there. As part of this program, students will certainly consider being an international student as a once-in –a-lifetime experience.

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