Vacuuming floors is probably one of the most unexciting and routine household chores necessary to keep a home or office clean. For some, the chore is backbreaking and tedious, while others simply have difficulty finding time to complete the task each week. A Roomba vacuum cleaner relieves everyone of one of the most boring and tedious chores facing them.





Vacuum with Less Effort

A Roomba vacuum offers robotic technology to cleaning chores, as with the touch of a button, the Roomba travels around the home gathering pet hair, dust, dirt and other debris, even under furniture and along the walls. The patented three stage system removes dirt and dust from hardwood, linoleum, tile or carpet with no need for manual adjustments based on the floor type. The robot uses spinning side brushes to clean wall edges and counter-rotating brushes that literally sweep the dirt into the vacuum to clean floors.



Irobot Red



Allergy Friendly

An overview of the Roomba 780 shows that the vacuum is excellent for those who suffer from dust allergies, as the dual HEPA filters catch dust particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. This keeps fine particles from recirculating in the air as they do with most vacuums and makes the air fresher and cleaner. Because the powerful vacuum pulls debris and hair from the brushes, there is less chance that the particles can escape into the air as the vacuum moves across the floor. The Roomba 780 is perfect for any household with pets or residents with allergies.


Roomba Internal Machine



Goes Viral Video! Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba




Cleaning Head Suspension

The self-adjusting cleaning head found on both the Roomba 600 and 700 series lets the unit automatically adjust between floor types. This allows the Roomba to go from the hardwood floor in the family room to the carpeted living room to the linoleum covered kitchen while providing the same excellent cleaning in each room. There is no need to manually adjust for different flooring types as there is for many vacuums, and many users comment that they were amazed at the things the Roomba found on their floors.


Winbot Auto Cleaning Window
Winbot Auto Cleaning Window


For anyone in the market for a new vacuum, considering a Roomba 600 or 700 series is critical, especially for those with allergies or whose homes contain pets. To get the best floor cleaning and eliminate allergens, Try Me! Roomba 650 or 780, or any one of the 600 or 700 series to get floors spotlessly clean.