There are several mistakes people make when selling products and/or services on social media. Mistakes to avoid when selling on social media sites will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

One mistake to avoid, which may seem obvious, is if the person doing the selling is not interested in the products and/or services he or she is offering. To be able to sell products and services, the person needs to be interested or appear to be interested in what they are offering to the public on the social media sites. The more interested the seller is, the more interested the buyer will be.

Another mistake people selling things do is they believe they need to have active accounts on many different social media sites. This is not the case at all. Whatever the person is offering to sell, they should first look into some of the social media sites, then choose a few where most of their perspective clients hang out. If the person has too many social media accounts, they may get overwhelmed and eventually loose interest in what they are selling to the public.

A third mistake to avoid when selling a product or service on social media sites is when a person thinks having thousands of likes is a good thing. When the person’s product or service page has thousands of likes or followers but not many of those likes or followers are interactive on the page, then the person with the product or service will not be doing much selling. It is better to have just a hundred or so likes or followers who are interactive with the person doing the selling than it is to have thousands being silent.

A fourth mistake to avoid is updating the status of the product or service page too many times a day. Updating too many times throughout the day can cause the person doing the selling to loose present and potential customers. Present and potential customers do like updates but not when it overloads their own pages on the social media sites.

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