Marine Engineering Services

The world of marine engineering encompasses an enormous variety of engineering feats and innovations. Their work among commercial and naval sea vessels is ever evolving. The number of intricate designs attributable to today’s leading marine engineers is enough to astound the most highly knowledgeable in the world of marine, engineering and computer science.

Marine engineers are as adept at creating sophisticated communication software used on ships and in marine management, as they are in creating important mechanical devices that protect sea life and increase respect for the natural balance of marine ecology.


Ballast Tank Description

To the untrained eye, a ballast water system might not seem important. To the shipping industry and marine biologists, ballast water management is a necessity. To understand the need for a state-of-the-art ballast water management system, it’s important to understand the use of ballast tanks on ships.

In layman’s terms, a ballast tank is a holding tank that contains water. Like an internal bowl within a ship, the ballast tank sits below deck and below the external water line, just beneath the ship’s hull. The ballast tank helps the ship maintain balance while at sea. In submarines, the ballast tank has another important use: to allow this sub-vessel to submerge beneath the sea.




Ballast Water Management System

Given various marine engineering designs and techniques, a ballast water management system (refer is a natural emanation of ballast tank use. When the vessel’s intake releases sea water into a ballast water tank, it may also include unwanted marine life like plankton, barely visible marine creatures. In order for a ballast tank to properly filter and sterilized intake water, it requires filtration units and an ultra violet irradiation process. When the process of filtration and sterilization is complete, marine particulate is released back to the sea. This is the basis of management systems for ballast water.

Marine Engineering Services Excel in Water Technologies 
Siemens Water Technologies is a leader in marine engineering services. This includes state-of-the-art filtration for water systems that include management of ballast water. Ideally, ballast filter units should have features that include:
. High volume capacity
. UV lamps that can be easily monitored for efficiency
. High micron fabric filter
. UV treatment sensors that can monitor water turbidity
. Self cleaning pumping system 

Siemens Water Technologies 
Siemens Water Technologies produces high-efficiency, ballast filtration products for offshore oil and gas industries. Siemens marine engineers are instrumental in designing and creating the most effective filtration for ballast tanks.

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