An open house is a real estate tactic that transforms a showing into an event. The purpose is to provide people with a reason to come other than the home itself. For the seller, it can help create word-of-mouth advertising for the property, and for a real estate agent, it can help create new business.


An Emphasis on Fun

Despite their prevalence, most open houses are not effective. There are a number of reasons for this failure, but the most significant is that the usual open house has a focus on the sale rather than an emphasis on a fun, casual atmosphere.


1. Advertise the Open House Online

The first step is to post an ad online. That ad should highlight the fun atmosphere and mention the various benefits of coming, including food and parting gifts. Keep in mind that this step doesn’t need to cost money, since there are many services that will allow you to post an ad online free.


2. Choose an Appropriate Time Slot

Buyers seeking to find the perfect property have regular lives to lead as well. Therefore, don’t schedule too early or too late, and don’t schedule during lunch or dinner unless you plan to serve lunch or dinner.


3. Foster a Festive Atmosphere

The immediate goal of an open house isn’t to sell the home but rather to create an enjoyable, memorable experience among people who are trying to find the perfect property. Your guests are more valuable to you for potential word of mouth than any other reason.


4. Plan for Flexibility

Creating a party-like atmosphere is an excellent goal, but since people will come and go on their own schedule, it doesn’t make sense to have a great deal of structure. Therefore, choose activities that can happen whenever and can be repeated as needed.


5. Enlist Neighbors, Family and Friends

Creating a party atmosphere can be difficult if you rely only on potential guests. Family and friends can serve as guests you can rely and who can stay throughout the entire event. Having neighbors available is also a great way to sell the neighborhood to someone trying to Find the Perfect Property.


6. Deemphasize Your Family

Selling a home is often about subtlety, and it’s necessary to create a neutral space. The potential buyers must be able to imagine themselves living in that space. To achieve this, you should remove direct signs of your family, including pets, pet accessories, family photos and so forth.


7. Distribute Parting Gifts

A parting gift is a great way to create a lasting impression. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, but you should choose something practical, such as a personalized keychain or USB flash drive.


8. Be Security Conscious

When you post an ad online, you’ll be opening yourself to some risk. Note that some people come to open houses with ulterior motives. The most harmless ulterior motive is simply to take advantage of the free food and gifts. Some will come to steal from you, however, so plan the home accordingly.