There’s no getting around the fact that travel, especially global travel, is not cheap. Often, a holiday can be spoiled by worrying about finding affordable accommodations. Or the travelers actually find them, but the lodgings are so dreadful, it casts a pall over the rest of the trip.

But with some advance planning and research, savvy travelers can avoid these pitfalls and find first class accommodations at very affordable prices. How? First, be aware that many tourist destinations around the world have “tourist seasons”, generally in the winter and summer months. Spring and fall are suggested as better times for cheaper holidays, especially for locales with tropical climates. Don’t be afraid to question travelers who have made the very same journey before you. If you don’t know anyone personally, Internet chat rooms can provide you with many suggestions. You can also check in advance to see if the areas you’ll be visiting offer visitor centers and Chambers Of Commerce. These can suggest a range of lodging options at varying prices. And it’s a myth that travel agencies are dead. They’re alive and doing quite nicely, actually. Among the many services they provide is the ability to track down and make recommendations about lodging options in your price range. Yes, they charge varying fees for this service, but it might well be worth it.


Seahorse Lighthouse - Miri, Malaysia
Seahorse Lighthouse – Miri, Malaysia

You can also look at alternatives to traditional hotels. In addition to hostels, many homeowners are opening up rooms or even renting entire homes to travelers. And nowhere do travelers have more options of this type than in Malaysia. In the “oil city” of Miri in Sarawak,¬†homestays in Miri¬†are everywhere. Located throughout the city, they range from hostels, to traditional hotels, to native longhouses, to private homes. Amenities here range from maid and car service, to shared bathrooms, to meals provided, to “self-catering”. Because “homestaying” has become so common in its country, the Malaysian Tourism Board now offers specific guidance to tourists who want to explore this option, and it’s highly suggested that travelers take advantage of this. They should also consider their transportation options while staying in Miri, as some of the more remote homestays may be within walking distance of Miri’s cave and national park wonders, but are far from Miri proper. Finally, travelers should consider culture and language barriers when selecting a homestay. If it is their first trip to Malayasia, a homestay whose hosts know how to cope with “veteran travelers” is advised. Check out best homestays in Miri at


Lambir Hills National Park is located along the Miri-Bintulu road
Lambir Hills National Park is located along the Miri-Bintulu road


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