If you are seeking to travel from the fast-paced city of Kuala Lumpur to the peaceful seaside resort of Kuantan, you have several options available for your journey across Peninsular Malaysia. The distance between the two locales is roughly 158 miles (254 kilometers), taking travelers from the west to the east coast of the country.

Air Travel

Kuala Lumpur includes a busy international airport in its many amenities; however, Kuantan is served by the smaller Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA), located 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) from the city-center. Because of this, fights to Kuantan can be relatively expensive and infrequent. Flights to/from Kuala Lumpur are available primarily through Malaysia Airlines, although other airlines flight in/out of KUA.


Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA)
Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA)




Kuala Lumpur is connected to Kuantan by East Coast Expressway and Karak Expressway, two of the country’s major highways. The East Coast Expressway has undergone relatively recent improvement, although if you are not familiar with driving in Malaysia, you must use caution. People drive on the left, using the British system in this country. The drive generally requires between 2 hours and 40 minutes and 3 hours and 30 minutes, depending on traffic, weather, road conditions, etc. Portions of the route require paying a toll, so you should remember to purchase a Touch’n Go card from a gas station at the start of your journey.


East Coast Expressway


Bus Service

Taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan has numerous advantages, including a less stressful trip compared to driving. For convenience, express buses are available from two stations in the city: Pudu Raya or Titiwangsa Bus Station. The route ends at Makmur Terminal Bus Station within easy walking distance of Kuantan and its many attractions and amenities. You can easily buy a bus ticket to Kuantan with Transnasional Bus in Kuala Lumpur. Return tickets can be prearranged or purchased at a later time. Buses on this route typically make very few short stops along the way.


Makmur Terminal Bus Station




If you are a more adventurous traveler, you may consider bicycling or backpacking; however, the journey would be long and difficult, although undoubtedly a memorable experience. Veteran cyclists could make the journey in four days under ideal conditions. Many of the roads on this route are in good condition and some areas are quite scenic. Safety is primarily an issue closer to urban areas and for solo travelers unfamiliar with the local languages and customs. Backpacking may require uncomfortable detours to avoid highways where pedestrians are strongly discouraged.



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