Keeping a clean home is becoming ever more challenging with the hectic schedules that are becoming the norm for our economy. In previous decades, work schedules and the time spent at home were typically kept in balance. However, changing times are calling for a change in how we keep tidy.

Though it may seem difficult to manage, keeping a clean home is one of the most important things you can do. Being tidy is not just about keeping germs at bay. In addition to cutting down on viral and bacterial bugs that might be lurking on counter tops, cleaning up and keeping a clean living space has been shown to improve concentration. Cleanliness is also linked with lower rates of depression and general malaise.

Still, working long hours and tending to the other necessary duties life throws at you is not exactly a blueprint for success when it comes to ensuring that your home will pass the White-Glove standard. It is fortunate that we live in an era where there are more tools, and helpful technologies to assist with the mundane task of tidying up than ever.


There’s an App For That!

The cellular revolution has brought with it a host of opportunities to keep all of your odds and ends organized. There are applications and even a few pre-installed tools on nearly every smartphone carrier that tout their ability to help users become more fastidious with their organizing and cleaning. These apps consist of everything from daily reminders you can program to tell you when to spend time tidying up, to chore-sharing apps which assigns tasks for everyone living in the house based on ability level. There is even a Role Playing Game cleaning app called EpicWin that allows you to create your own character and have it go on adventures which can only be unlocked by completing cleaning or organizing tasks in your home. Sensing the need for such products, developers are continuing to follow the trend of app-assisted organization. There are even more on the horizon which will feature fun new ways to make cleaning up a little easier.


Clean Up and Stay Social

If apps are not your thing or if you are the sort of person who responds well to social pressure, a social media cleaning community may be just the thing for you. Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram have all become homes to communities of messy people attempting to live cleaner, more organized lives. Users can update community members with their progress and various cleaning projects that need to be accomplished. Additionally, they receive and give feedback to encourage community members to continue to stay organized. Communities like this work best for people who need encouragement and acknowledgement of the hard work they have done, as well as for those who are concerned that they will never be able to accomplish their cleaning goals, and need examples of how even incredibly messy spaces have been improved.


We Have Robots Now…

One of the best things about living in a technological age is the fact that there are simply some tasks we don’t have to worry about at all. The manual vacuum cleaner revolutionized cleaning back in the early 20th century. Improved technology has taken the vacuum to the next level with robotic cleaners such as the Roomba. Cleaning robots are able to perform simple and repetitive tasks automatically. One of the tasks most often left out when cleaning an entire living space is finishing up with the floors. With a Roomba or other cleaning robot, this task is taken care of for you daily, so that your floors will never be dirty again. In addition to being a great helper, Roombas robovac are also wonderful conversation starters when guests come to visit.

Cleaning and staying organized can seem like a challenging task in our fast-paced world. However, new technologies are making it easier than ever to tidy up a home, and keep it that way. Finding a way to integrate technology into your cleaning regimen is the best way to take organization to the next level.

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