Dislocated shoulders are moderately severe musculoskeletal injuries that result in temporary disfigurement of an injured person. Depending on the severity of the injury, pain can be moderate to severe. It is important to treat a dislocated shoulder immediately upon impact.





What is A Dislocated Shoulder?

A dislocated shoulder means that the shoulder bone has popped out of its socket. This can happen by direct or indirect injuries. When a shoulder becomes dislocated, this means that the shoulder joint is unable to function properly and the arm cannot move. A dislocated shoulder can be painful and cause damage if not treated properly.





shoulder dislocation




How Does A Shoulder Become Dislocated?

A shoulder can become dislocated by direct or indirect force. A direct force means that something happened directly to the shoulder joint. It could be crushed by a heavy object, or hit by something moving at a high speed. An indirect force means that a force that was delivered to another part of the body caused the shoulder to dislocated. For instance, perhaps an arm was caught and yanked, causing the shoulder joint to pop out of place. The cause of the injury is important, because it determines how serious the injury is and how painful it will be.


Is a Dislocated Shoulder Painful?

Shoulder dislocations can be extremely painful. When the joint is not in its proper place, this can put a lot of stress on the joint and cause pain. As the muscles try to pull the joint back into its proper alignment, they can become fatigued and start to ache. And the ligaments and tendons that were supposed to be in the spot where the shoulder dislocated to will have to become misplaced to make way for the shoulder. This will cause stress on the tendons and ligaments and create even more pain.


Managing Pain

The best way to manage the pain of a dislocated shoulder is to seek immediate medical treatment to get the shoulder back in its correct place. The moment the shoulder is popped back into its correct alignment, the pain will be reduced significantly and almost completely. Taking care of a dislocated shoulder right away ensures that the least amount of permanent damage possible is done to the shoulder.

Only a doctor should attempt to relocate a dislocated shoulder. The joint in the shoulder is very complex, and an average person trying to relocate his own shoulder could end up doing even more damage by tearing some of the delicate connective tissues in the shoulder. Options include calling a paramedic to deal with the shoulder on the spot, or transporting the injured person to a doctor’s clinic. If the person moves to the clinic, it’s important to take care that the shoulder does not experience any other trauma.


Dislocated Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercise


Once the doctor looks at the shoulder, he or she should be able to fix a dislocated shoulder quite easily. The procedure will be painful, since more resistance will occur as the doctor attempts to push the shoulder back into alignment. The doctor can try several different techniques to get the shoulder back in place, and these work most effectively if the patient is able to relax. Once in place, the shoulder should become less painful if it was treated correctly.

Acetaminophen can help reduce the pain experienced from a dislocated shoulder. For adults, a standard dose of tylenol should go a long way in managing the pain resulting from a dislocated shoulder. However, tylenol should only be taken for a short amount of time during and after the injury, to prevent the side effects from overuse of this medication.

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