Everyone loves a cold beer on a hot day. Opening a beer to discover that it has gone bad is always a bad experience. If you’ve had beer sitting on the shelf for years and you think its gone way past the expiration date, the following signs (or see How Beer First Came About) will help you decide whether or not to take a sip of that delicious beverage:


Check the Expiration Date Before You Buy

Because many grocery stores and supermarkets store large amounts of alcohol products, you should check the expiration date of the beer before you make your purchase.

The expiration date is normally located on either the side of the bottle or can, or on the bottom of the case.



Smell the Beer First

Like other types of food and beverages, if beer has gone bad, you’ll definitely be able to tell by the smell.

Take a quick sniff before you put your mouth over the bottle. If it smells like rotten eggs, then the beer has been exposed to too much sunlight. If the beer smells like grass, then the barley or hops used during the production process were not fresh.

When you buy beer online, you avoid having to deal with stores that may keep cases of beer on their shelves for extended periods of time.




Taste the Beer

If you believe you’ve purchased a bad or expired case of beer, sip a small amount of the beverage to make sure. Beer that tastes like rotten fruits or vegetables has gone past its expiration date, while a vinegar taste means that the alcohol in your beer has started turning into vinegar. If your beer tastes like anything else other than beer, it should be thrown out immediately.


Tips for Keeping Your Beer Fresh

The following tips will help keep your beverages fresh for longer periods of time after you buy beer online:

  • Storage – Store your beer in a dry and cool place for best results. Make sure the beer is stored right side up for best results.
  • Canned and bottled beer – Beer that are stored in cans or bottles will usually remain fresh for a period of six months to one year. Check the expiration date on the side of the container to ensure that your beer will stay fresh for as long as possible.
  • Draft beer – If you purchased draft beer in an open keg, you must consume it within four to five days. Beer that’s stored in open containers will not last long.