As the breadth of human knowledge grows exponentially, education increasingly becomes the key to the best possible future opportunities. Where should a student go to get the best education? One option that stands out above the rest is boarding school. These schools are educational establishments with long and rich histories, but many students and their parents are hesitant to take the leap due to some unanswered questions. This article aims to answer these questions and to make the whole

I heard these kinds of schools are incredibly expensive! How could I and my family possible afford it?” This is by far one of the most common questions. Many students and parents are under the assumption that if they do not have a large amount of money set aside for their student’s tuition, these schools are no longer an option. This could not be further from the truth. In actuality, less-well-off parents are able to apply for generous grants, bursaries, and other methods of financial assistance. So long as the student in question qualifies for a school academically and has glowing letters of recommendations, acceptance into a school is possible. 

My student is very intelligent, but what if it is not good enough for such prestigious schools?Conventional wisdom would have parents and students believe that these kinds of schools are only for the talented, or the gifted, or the ambitious. In reality, these alternatives to public education accept all manner of students from all walks of life. Each school is different with equally rich and vibrant student bodies. What they all have in common is their ability to bring out the best in students. No matter what level at which a student starts school, the rigorous academic environment will help them improve. 

Don’t these kinds of schools breed misery from too much homework and discipline?Not at all! While qualified staff do keep an eye on students at all times, many adults who have gone to such schools report that it was the best time of their lives. Students are exposed to creative projects, sports, field trips, and social activities that their private and public school peers simply never get to experience. As for homework, while it might be true that students are given more homework than those who attend a state school, their academic responsibility is always balanced with plenty of down time and fun. 

While these questions are far from all encompassing, hopefully they give you a good start on your journey to determining what kind of educational environment is best for your child. You can have a look at Prince of Wales Island International Boarding School in Penang.


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