Travelers vacationing on the amazing island country of Singapore, which is located on the southern tip of Southeast Asia, frequently wonder how much a taxi costs while they are planning their trips. For the first kilometer, a taxi in Singapore will cost $3.40. For each 400 meters after that 1st kilometer, there is an additional charge of 22 cents, up to 10 kilometers. For every 350 meters after 10 kilometers, the passenger is charged 22 cents, too. Singapore’s taxi fees are among the most expensive rates in Asia. When every country around the world is considered, however, Singapore is nowhere close to the city with the most expensive taxi ride. Europe is home to the most expensive taxi ride. According to a list compiled by the Price of Travel, 9 of the top 10 cities with the most pricy taxi trips are in Europe. The lone Asian entrant is Japan, where the average taxi ride costs between $13.03 and $16.13, especially if you are looking for transportation in Tokyo.

The most expensive taxi ride in the world can be found in Switzerland. Zurich, located in the north central part of Switzerland, is home to about 380,000 people and is famous because it is home to many notable banking and financial institutions is where the taxi prices are highest. The cost of the average taxi ride is astronomically high there, costing between $18.18 and $24.24. Following closely at Zurich’s heels is Norway. The most expensive taxi trip in Oslo is home to over half a million people, and is the economic and financial center of Norway. The average taxi trip in Oslo will cost between $17.12 and $22.26. Just behind Norway, as the 3rd most expensive place to travel by taxi, is Finland, where the average journey via taxi is priced between $13.89 and $19.44 This European nation’s capital city, called Helsinki, trends towards $19.44 for the typical taxi ride. Helsinki is located in the far south of Finland along the Baltic Sea.

The Netherlands is the fourth most expensive country to catch a cab in. The priciest place for taxi transportation in Holland is Amsterdam, a notoriously famous tourist trap for college-age backpackers and fun-seekers alike. In Amsterdam, as well as in many other parts of this small country, the average taxi ride will set you back between $13.89 and $16.67. All of this is useful information for travelers asking the all-important question: How much does a taxi ride in Singapore cost? Following the Netherlands is the previously mentioned Japan. Taxis, like everything else in Japan, are quite expensive, at least much more expensive than in less developed parts of Asia. Tokyo is Japan’s most populous city and is the largest metropolitan area in the world, explaining the exorbitant price of taxi rides, which, again, fall between $13.03 and $16.13.

France, Sweden, England, Italy, and Spain round out the top ten on the list for countries with the most expensive taxi rides. The priciest place to hail at taxi in France is Nice, where a trip will cost around $12.50 to $16.67. However, taxi trips in other famous French cities – like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Toulouse – are just as expensive. Make sure your pockets are stuffed with Euros if you intend to travel by taxi through France. Sweden follows France as the country with the seventh most expensive country for taxi rides. Although taxis are cheaper outside of Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm, a trip there will put you back anywhere from $12.05 to $15.06. England is just a bit cheaper for taxi rides than Sweden, but a trip in Britain costs on average between $11.29 and $14.52, with even higher rates in places like London. Spain, which is just east of the United Kingdom, has taxi rates that fall anywhere between $12 and $14. In the vacation community of Monaco, though, taxi trips are considerably more expensive, costing anywhere from $15.28 to $19.44!


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