Outdoor entertaining has become popular among many homeowners today. DIY projects for the home, yard and patio create custom spaces for recreation and relaxation. The back yard has become a vacation spot for many families both in good and bad economies.

Covered patios create shade, allowing everyone to enjoy being outside without suffering the sun’s effects. Fabric coverings are at the mercy of the elements, snow, hail and high winds; they require a great amount of maintenance. Solid covers, such as shingled roofs, are heavy and may require special construction techniques to attach the structure to the house.

One DIY project is to use corrugated plastic. Several different colors are available on the market today, allowing homeowners to complement their home’s décor. The most common colors in DIY stores are green, clear and black. Other colors can be found online at various merchants. Clear plastic allows outdoor entertaining at night regardless of the weather. Retractable fabric screens with solar shade material will make the space comfortable during the day.


Corrugated Plastic Roof


How to re-roof a shed with Onduline corrugated roofing sheets



Buy corrugated plastic at DIY centers; it comes in six and 12-foot lengths. Widths range from 12” to 48”. Attach to the roof framing with special zinc plated screws equipped with gaskets to keep moisture from penetrating through to the wood. Special plastic closure strips fit in the end spaces, sealing them effectively to stop weather, pests and vermin from invading.

Corrugated plastic can be attached to new or existing structures including pergolas, sheds, greenhouses and other structures. Attaching it to the sides effectively creates a quick and inexpensive outdoor room or shed. Use it to create beautiful awnings for windows and doors as well.

The advantages of having a corrugated plastic roof include energy savings. By having shade over the patio, doors and windows, heat gain from the sun is lowered or eliminated; the HVAC system does not have to work as hard to cool the house. It is also impervious to water, will never rot or suffer insect damage. Minimal maintenance is required to keep it looking beautiful all year long. In addition, the sound of rain on the corrugated roof is soothing and relaxing.


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