For the past few years, Japan has been one of the beauty capitals of the world. Many of the cutting edge beauty treatments done in some of the world’s most elite salons originated in the land of the rising sun. This article will alert you to five of the breakthrough beauty treatments that came from Japan.


1) Boosting Metabolism While Getting Clean

Many Japanese women like to take long, 100 degree-plus baths in order to boost their metabolism. It is said that these hot baths burn calories. Usually, these hot baths are used to warm your body and increase your body’s circulation. Followers of this regimen do not eat cold salads. Instead, they eat meals with steamed vegetables.






2) Resculpting Massage

Who doesn’t want to be smaller? A groundbreaking Japanese resculpting massage technique shifts your bones into a smaller silhouette so that your waist looks as if a bone or two was removed. Those who have undergone the treatment say that it is a painful but effective kneading process that left them with better posture at the end of their session.

Resultime Lifting Resculpting Professional Treatment – Massage Sequences




3) Lash Extensions

During the past decade, eyelash extensions have become a very popular beauty treatment in Japan. This is because lash extensions give your eyes that extra “wow” factor. Japanese women who have gotten lash extensions have raved about the transformation that their eyes have gotten. This beauty treatment has become so popular that they have made their way into salons in the United States, Europe, and many other countries.


4) Eye Putti

For a truly “wow” look, many Japanese women use an eye crease-creating tool called Eye Putti. Nowadays, Asian women all over the world are using this and similar products to bring out some of their natural beauty.


5) Skin Softeners

While American skincare often involves the sloughing away of upper skin layers, Japanese skincare experts take a novel approach to your largest organ. Instead of stripping toners, Japanese women use “softeners” such as Shiseido Future Solution LX. According to Japanese skincare experts, a good softener helps your skin’s outer layer fight inflammation, environmental damage, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.





Japanese beauty treatments are often at the forefront of the beauty industry. What is being done in Japanese salons will soon spread to salons all over the world. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest in Japanese beauty treatments and regimens.


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