Facial contouring is the newest, hottest trend when it comes to changing and altering how your face looks. V-Shape face treatment is one of the most well-known forms of facial contouring, using radio frequencies and ultrasound technology to tighten the facial skin, trim unnecessary facial fat, and generally improve facial appearance. Typically, hot and cold style ultrasound waves are projected onto the face, damaging fat cells. Because these waves are targeted to attack only fat cells, there is no damage to any other facial tissue.




Why V-Shape?

One of the reasons V-Shape face treatments are so popular is because of how long their results last. Other fat-removal options may remove the excess, but without a change in diet or lifestyle, the fat simply comes back. With V-Shape treatments, the ultrasound waves actually damage the fat storage cells, leaving them unable to store fat at all for quite some time.

The procedure is also extremely safe. There have been no reported side effects, there are no injections or drugs involved — just ultrasound waves that will damage nothing but the fat cells they are targeting.





Are V-Shape Face Treatments Painful? 

Not only do the treatments have no negative side effects, they also are not painful while they’re going on. You may feel very warm, but thanks to the technology used, your face will heat up gradually instead of all at once. Some patients have even described the treatment methods as being very relaxing, like a heated massage.


After the Treatment

Because of the way this technology works, you will begin to see results immediately after your first session. Sessions typically last from fifteen to thirty minutes, and there is no wait time to resuming your normal routine. Just as you might pop out of the office on your lunch break to get a massage or a facial treatment, you can have a V-Shape treatment done and return to work immediately afterward.

While the V-Shape method has been approved in many cases for use on the entire body, most dermatologists will limit it to the face and neck, as that is by far the most common use of the treatment. If you are interested in more advanced or whole-body fat removal processes, talk to your doctor about possible options.


V lifting for a sharp and V shape jawline_04



Is V-Shape Face Treatment Right For Me?

V-Shape technology can be used by all skin types and at any time during the year, making it one of the most versatile body contouring options available. If you have sensitive skin, it may well be worth looking into. It’s also excellent for those who want to make a notable change in the way their face looks but are hesitant about getting plastic surgery. V-Shape treatments avoid scary hospital visits, needles and injections, and the occasional unwanted stigma about plastic surgery.

If you are interested in getting a V-Shape treatment, your first step is to consult a dermatologist or aesthetician for advice. Go to priveaesthetics.com for V Shape Face Treatment advice on whether the V-Shape treatment is something that would be good for you.


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