While going on a trip is undeniably exciting, it also involves ample preparation and planning. If you go on a trip unprepared, it could totally ruin the experience — the last thing you want. Before embarking on your adventure, take a look at these handy travel tips. You’ll be happy you did.


reviews 1. Pay Attention to Reviews

Don’t go into travel blindly. Travel entails making big decisions in everything from lodging to dining. Always do your research first. If you carefully browse online reviews for a hotel, then you might spare yourself the shock of checking in and finding that it lacks running water — and also has a serious insect problem. Not only is it important to take reviews into consideration, but it’s also important to read accounts from several different perspectives.


Security 2. Consider Your Valuables

Whether you’re going on domestic or international travel, you need to keep your valuables in a secure spot at all times. Losing your wallet, passport, driver’s license or money while away from home can be a serious headache. If you sport a money pouch and always have it on your person, however, you can save yourself a lot of potential hassle. Remember, a thief cannot access a money pouch as easily as he or she can access a backpack or purse.


Airplane 3. Invest in Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be extremely useful for people who are going out of the country. If you experience an injury or sickness while in a foreign nation, travel insurance can help you take care of any stressful medical costs — a major benefit. Remember, even seemingly minor health issues can sometimes rack up hefty price tags.


water 4. Always Drink Plenty of Water

You’re never too busy to drink plenty of water, even when you’re having the time of your life traveling. If you get dehydrated while traveling, you become markedly more vulnerable to viruses. Dehydration can also intensify pesky jet lag, which can put a serious damper on your travel.


Flight 5. Keep Moving

Long plane, car or train rides can be dull. They can make you feel sluggish and stiff. If you’re on an 8-hour flight to Europe, make a point to stretch, stand up and walk around whenever you’re permitted to do so. If you’re on a long drive across the country, take frequent breaks at rest stops to get some air and move around. If you don’t, you could risk joint aches and blood clotting. Always make health a priority while traveling.

Contributor: Alain Fanaie the world explorer with professional traveling guides.



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