When it’s your big day, you certainly have lots to think about. You’ll be finalizing details on dinner tables, helping to organize flower arrivals, and of course, you’ll be in charge of making yourself a beautiful bride. None of these tasks will be easy, but the last one will be the most important.

In years to come when you look back on this big day in your life, you’ll only have the pictures. And you will be in them! It’s time to make sure that you prepare to look your best for your wedding day, and these key tips will be sure to help tremendously!

1. Keep things simple

When it comes to makeup on your wedding day, the simpler, the better. Of course, you want to look glamorous and gorgeous, but don’t forget that you’re going to get a lot of help from your hair and gown in that arena. In addition, never go with a current trend for makeup because ten or twenty years down the line, that trend will be obsolete.


Bride makeup2. Use false lashes

When we say false lashes, we are not talking about huge, tarantula lashes that will make you look bizarre. A natural set of simple lashes will simply extend your own lashes and make you look more feminine. In addition, you won’t feel like you have to cake on the mascara just to get big, bright eyes.


3. You must do a trial makeup run

Yes, you’ve done your makeup tons of times before. But you’ve never done it for as big a day as this. Just to be sure that you know what look you want, do a trial run with your makeup about a week before the actual event. You can help slim down makeup application time when the wedding day arrives, and you’ll also know what to avoid beforehand so that you don’t run into trouble when it really matters.


4. Consider getting your colours done professionally before the big day

You don’t have to have a professional be there for you on the actual day. You should be able to master your own face to make yourself look the way you want. But if you’re thinking about using any sort of colours on your lips, cheeks or eyes, you should know which colours to go for. A professional makeup artist or colourist can help you.


5. Keep baby wipes, cotton swabs and oil blotters on hand

No one knows what’s going to happen on the big day. There could be rain, you might blubber like a baby, or it could be steaming hot. You’ll need to have a stash of essentials to make sure that you are covered on all fronts. Baby wipes can be used to freshen up if you’re very hot or sweating. Cotton swabs can clear up makeup smudges and wipe away running mascara or eye liner. Oil blotters are great for a wedding in the heat as they can soak up excess oil on the face and stop you from looking too shiny, try this solution: Toning Lotion With Camomile


6. Keep a makeup bag with the products you used nearby

Weddings are typically long events, so one makeup application usually won’t be enough to keep you looking fresh and lovely all night. It’s a good idea to have a small makeup bag on hand with all of the products you used in your initial application.


7. Get your brows done beforehand

Bad brows can ruin your entire look, so you’ll want to make sure to have your brows professionally plucked, threaded or waxed about 3 to 4 days before you get married. Don’t do this the day before because the hair removal may cause a breakout or redness.


8. Contour your face for lasting memory

So, what’s next after sprucing up your face? If you haven’t thought of getting the best shape for your face, then you are really missing a trick. You can count on some great helpers, for example Shaping Facial Lift, to contour your face shape for a slimmer, photogenic look. Of course, the perfect pose and shooting angle should come into play for further enhancement as well.


Bridal Makup Tips

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