Models in magazine and actresses on television have gorgeous hair that’s smooth and healthy. Flyaways don’t exist, and you long to have the same lustrous locks. However, you’re frustrated when you look in the mirror and see the hair frizzing around the crown of your head. If you want to keep your hair healthy, soft and smooth, here are the steps (provided by Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia) you should take.



Invest for quality shampoos and conditioners for better hair.


1. Invest in the Better Supplies

You hit the grocery store and see bulk brand promising salon results. The fact is that most cheap shampoos are made with low-quality ingredients that coat the hair and aren’t creating the results you dream of. It’s worth it to invest in quality shampoos and conditioners that are healthier for your hair and deliver on their promises.


Always emulsify shampoo and conditioner by rubbing it before apply in on hair.


2. Use it Right

Now that you have the right supplies, make sure that you’re using them properly. Always emulsify shampoo and conditioner by rubbing it between our hands before putting it on your hair. Use shampoo on the scalp and hair closest to your skin. Allow the lather to wash down and clean the length. When you apply conditioner, put it only on the length to avoid weighing down the strands and making your hair seem greasy.


Wrap a towel around your hair and let it absorb the extra moisture.


3. Always Consider the Friction

Rubbing hair vigorously causes strands to break and leads to flyaways. Wrap a towel around your hair and let it absorb the extra moisture. Take care not to use tight bands that will break your hair, and never use a brush on wet hair. A wide-tooth comb or pick will let you comb the hair without damaging it.


Have a balance diet for proper protein to keep your hair healthy.


4. Feed Your Hair

Beautiful hair really does start with a balanced diet. Eat right and be sure to include plenty of protein, vegetables and fruit in your diet. You may also want to consider taking biotin-based supplements that are designed to promote hair health.


Avoid curling iron and hair dryer for hair, if cant’ avoid apply protective serums to minimize the damage.


5. Forget the Heat

You may be accustomed to heat styling, but heat damages your hair. Whenever possible, skip the curling iron and hair dryer. If you do need to heat style your hair, then invest in protective serums that will minimize the damage.


Regular trims is a great way to keep your hair looking incredible.


6. Regular Visits

When you find a hairdresser you like, keep up with a regular schedule of trimming and care. As your hair goes without being trimmed, the ends split and start to fray. The damage spreads up the shaft and leaves your hair looking less than health. Regular trims are a great way to keep your hair looking incredible.

With these easy tips, you can maintain healthy and beautiful hair that you can be proud of. You may spend a little more on the effort, but you’ll find that the results are well worth the investment.

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