For thousands of years, makeup has been used as a way of enhancing the features and creating a more attractive appearance on the face. Almost every society in the world has embraced the power of makeup, whether it includes a bit of rouge for the lips or kohl that has been applied to define the eyes. Today, women are embracing cosmetics to create a thinner face shape that allows the bone structure to have more definition. By contouring the natural features, it creates a flawless appearance that enhances the highest points on the face. When practicing the technique, there are a few tips to follow for a flawless finish.


1. Draw Lines Down the Nose

Instead of going under the knife to create a slimmer nose, you can dab an eyebrow brush in bronzer and create two dark lines down the middle of the nose that extend just below each eyebrow. Add a touch of highlighter on the top of the nose between the lines to enhance the thinnest part of the feature. Blend well for a natural look that allows the light to reflect off of the top of the nose.






2. Highlight the Highest Points

One of the main tricks to contouring the face with makeup tools is to highlight the highest points, which draw attention to the most complimenting features on the face. Bronzer should be applied to the lowest points of the face for added shadows that allow flaws to draw back. When applying highlighter, it’s important to use your fingertips for a natural application technique that will warm each product and allow it to glide onto the skin easier.





3. Sculpt Under the Height of Your Cheekbones

The depth and height of your cheekbones will ultimately determine how slim your face looks. Those with round or square faces can benefit from the contouring technique by sculpting under the height of the cheekbones with a dark shade and drawing a diagonal line that extends under the jaw with a small round brush. This will allow the cheeks to have more depth and will create a narrow illusion with every face shape. A small amount of highlighter from 3CE makeup can also be used on the top of the cheekbone to sharpen the feature and draw more attention to the most narrow part.

4. Use Blush

One of the most common mistakes people make when contouring the face is forgetting to add a bit of color to the skin to create a natural complexion. It’s important to add a sweep or two of blush to the apples of your cheeks and close to each ear. Use a light pink blush for a subtle shade that doesn’t appear too dramatic or artificial. This will add a bit of life to your face for extra warmth that will also draw more attention to your eyes.





5. Apply Primer

Although you may leave the house feeling confident with the contouring technique that you’ve applied to your face, the makeup can easily look like a hot mess after a few hours. Both sweat and oil can cause the makeup to run for a look that appears cakey. Makeup artists always apply primer to clean skin before adding highlighter or bronzer to allow it to set for the day. Primer can also be used after all of the makeup has been applied to ensure that the face looks just as beautiful minutes after each product was used. It will allow you to maintain a beautiful glow even on warmer days when you’re prone to sweat.


How to Contour & Highlight your face!!

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