Grocery shopping is something that everyone has to do. Grocery stores do not always make it easy to save money or find the lowest priced items in the aisles. You have stay informed and have a strategy when shopping. A few simple tips will help you to save money while shopping for groceries.


Stick To Seasonal Produce

Sticking to seasonal produce is a good way to save money. This means identifying which fruits and vegetables are actually in season and being grown locally. Buying local produce can save you money since the fruits are vegetable cost less due to the shorter travel and processing times. Seasonal produce also tend to be healthier and tastier than vegetables shipped from halfway around the world.


Always Try the Store Brands

Every grocery store today has a generic or store brand. Most of these items are really made by the same companies that create the name-brand products. You should always try the store brands. There is often little to no difference in taste or quality. They also cost far less than national name brand products.


Consider Shopping At Multiple Stores

You will want to compare flyer from different grocery stores when making a list. It can sometimes help to do small bits of shopping across multiple stores in a single day. This is because one store might have the best price on low fat milk while another has better meat or bakery prices. Although visiting different stores might seem inconvenient, it can save you money every month.


Look For Frozen Meats and Seafood

Grocery stores do not put all the meat and seafood in the same area. Meat and seafood is often spread across several locations like refrigerator sections, deli counters and the frozen food aisles. Something to look for is frozen meats and seafood. These generally cost less than refrigerated varieties since you need to defrost them before use. It is often possible to find frozen seafood or ground beef that costs much less than what is available in the refrigerated displays.


Request a Rain Check during Sales

There are times when sale items run out quickly. This can be frustrating especially if you had planned several meals around the sale items. Most grocery stores will actually issue a rain check to customers upon request. A rain check means that the store will honor the sale price the next time the products come into stock. You can use rain checks to make sure no sales are missed even if the products run out early.

Grocery Store Psychology

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