If you want to become a millionaire, it won’t just happen from wishing it were so. You have to take steps to make it happen. One of the best ways that you can help yourself along the path of becoming a millionaire is to educate yourself. You don’t have to earn an MBA or a PhD to learn what you need to know to become rich. There are lots of books you can check out for free from the public library that are full of invaluable information. Here is a look at five business books to read to make your first million.


1. Outliers, Written by Malcolm Gladwell

This groundbreaking book blows the lid off the traditional view of how people become successful. Reading this book will help you to recognize the best path that you can follow to become a success at whatever field you wish to. One of the most important lessons you will learn in this book is that becoming a master at anything requires you to put in 10,000 hours of practice.





2. The Dip, Written by Seth Godin

At the heart of the American philosophy of success is the thought that only those who never give up will ever earn success. This book argues that that line of thinking is wrong. In fact, the book argues that sometimes recognizing when it is time to give up is precisely the skill that people need to have in order to succeed in business.






3. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Written by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This should be required reading by every man who is a father. If you want to be able to be not only a success in business but also in parenthood, following Kiyosaki’s philosophy of passive income generation is a wise path to follow. Kiyosaki argues that the freeing up of time that passive income streams create allows men to be much better fathers by spending the extra time they gain with their children.


Rich Dad Poor Dad



4. The War of Art, Written by Steven Pressfield

When you finish reading this book, you may have the unsettling thought that you need to be a lot tougher on yourself. Pressfield argues in his book that the people who succeed in life are those who are able to be their own harshest critics. The book argues that the only way that people can overcome the many obstacles that life throws in their paths is by being able to recognize them, which is more challenging than most people realize. It requires the unflinching ability to examine your flaws to be able to overcome them.





5. The 4-Hour Workweek, Written by Timothy Ferriss

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to succeed in the modern world. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire without sacrificing the leisure time that makes life worth living, then reading this book will provide you with the blueprint you need to make that dream a reality. Ferriss outlines in this book exactly how you can create a business that continues to generate money for you even when you are not at work, and those who put his plan into practice will reap the benefits of the extraordinary amount of free time that his plan creates in their lives.


The 4 Hour Work Week



You should never think that becoming a millionaire is just a pipe dream. Anyone can do it if they put in the research and effort needed to achieve success. If you want to take the first steps to making your dreams of wealth come true, reading these five business books is a great way to begin your journey.

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