When dealing with broken or unstable dining tables or chairs, one will have a lot of work on their hands. In fact, this is not an easy fix for the average homeowner who is not proficient in working with furniture. To combat this problem, some opt for a simple approach that only gets short-term results. With this in mind, here are four ways to fix unstable dining tables and chairs.

 Test it out and find the problem Before doing anything, a person should test out the chairs or tables to find the problem. In some cases, the issue will not be with the furniture itself. No, it can be caused by a simple uneven floor. When this happens, a resident is in luck, and he or she can just move the table to another side of the floor. While this is not usually the problem, it is wise to check this out as it will save the furniture owner a lot of time and resources if he or she has a proactive approach and checks everything out, in detail.


Uneven Chair

 Rebuilding the loose joints  With a joint failure, a person will have two problems on his or her hands. For starters, the furniture will not function well. In the long-term, the rest of the frame will suffer, and the furniture will break sooner. To prevent serious problems with the structure of the furniture, one should immediately repair or rebuild loose joints. To do so, a homeowner can use some simple wood glue or steel braces.


Wooden Chair Joint Repair


 Wood glue  As mentioned, wood glue is usually the product most people use to fix their furniture. Of course, before doing anything, one should ensure that the screws are tight. If this is not the case, one should tighten the screws and see if this help. After this, the owner should put the glue into the loose joint and attempt to keep the glue in the same place. Then, after doing this, one should leave the item alone for a couple of days to make sure that the glue sticks to the furniture. If this is the case, one will have fixed the table or chair and can use it as intended.


Chair Doctor Glue

 Steel braces   If the glue fails to fix the broken furniture, one should consider using steel braces. However, this will take away from the overall look of the furniture. On the other hand, when done in a tactful way, one can improve the look of the table or chair. To get started, one should find a steel brace that is both the correct size for the chair or table. Then, one would need to wrap it around the broken part of the furniture. With this, a person will enjoy his or her chair or table to the fullest.


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