Many different diets are available today that you could follow to lose weight. The best diets rely on portion control, good nutrition and exercise instead of gimmicks. Controlling calories and eating less is not always easy. Hunger cravings can come at any time that could lead to binging. Several tips will make it easier for you to lose weight while following a diet.


Drink Water Icon  Hunger Pangs Sometimes Mean Thirst

One of the first things to realize is that the signals that indicate hunger in your body can sometimes really be indicating thirst. The sensations can be nearly identical. Something that can make losing weight easier is to drink a cup of water if you start to feel hunger pangs. A glass or two of water will physically fill your stomach. Water could completely remove any sensation of hunger. This can help to prevent impulsive eating during the day.


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Salt Icon  Add Spice to Every Meal

You can make losing weight easier by adding spice to every meal. This means items like chilies, hot sauce or other spices that have a little heat. Spices activate your taste buds. Your body and mind both perceive spicy foods differently. Your body will feel more full and satisfied faster when eating foods with a good amount of spice in them. This makes it easier to eat less. Bland foods do not trigger the same reaction. Your body will crave larger amounts of bland foods.





meal icon  Eat Five Smaller Meals during the Day

One of the keys to successfully losing weight on a diet is to never go too long without eating. Starving your body can lead to impulsive eating or binging. This is why you should plan to eat five smaller meals during the day instead of just two or three large meals. This means you never have to go more than two or three hours without food. Five smaller meals will also provide you with a more consistent supply of energy during the day. You should consider eating the largest meal first and then reducing portions as the day goes on. See London Weight Management case studies.



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eat icon  Eat Slowly and Without Distractions

Distracted eating can harm your diet especially when it is a normal habit. This means eating in front of a television or eating while doing something else. Eating slowly and without distractions can make losing weight easier. Meals are more filling and satisfying when every bite is savored and recognized. If you eat while distracted, then overeating is likely because most bites will go by unnoticed.








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